• Overview

    Kick Out Malaria is a series of short stories, games and cartoon episodes created to help children and families across the world adopt a healthy lifestyle for their well-being and embrace positive attitudes towards tackling environmental pollution for the common good.

  • With the Kick Out Malaria project, we are seeking to equip children and families with the requisite knowledge to defeat malaria in their communities and act together as a force to eradicate malaria in the world.

  • Vision and Mission Statements

    To empower 5 million poorest households across the world to defeat malaria in their communities in the next 3 years, and eradicate malaria in the world over the next 5 - 10 years.

  • Problem and Solution

    We are deploying the art of storytelling and deft digital maneuver to topple malaria dominance in all the countries of the world where there is malaria infection.

  • According to The Global Fund's Eligibility List 2022 for HIV, Malaria, and Tuberculosis, there are over 56 countries in the world at high risk of malaria.


    In 2020, malaria caused an estimated 241 million clinical episodes, and 627,000 deaths.


    We want to start with the poorest children and families, who are the most vulnerable to malaria but cannot afford the cost of deliverables, by engaging corporate bodies and organizations to get our products and donate them to the less privileged in the communities where these companies and organizations operate, and other locations in the world.


    In so doing, we also present these companies that take part in our project with a promotional tool, by featuring their brand (name or logo) as the donor of any of our products they pay for to benefit the poor.


    Depending on the level of support they give, the companies and organizations also get Kick Out Malaria award certificate and plaque (Starter, Standard, Premium, and Hero) to boost their corporate social image.

  • Goal and Objective

    Our primary goal and objective is to help children and families acquire, practise, and retain the crucial knowledge they need to combat malaria and other preventable but deadly diseases in a fun, active, and engaging way.

  • What is good for one is good for all, goes the common saying. There are countries in the world where children wake up in the morning and have a bright day ahead of them. The same cannot be said of 85 countries and territories at risk of malaria transmission (nearly half of the world population, according to www.cdc.gov) where children wake up in the morning and are either held down by malaria or struggling between life and death from other preventable but life-threatening diseases.


    If the world must experience the advancement we all truly want, then we must work together to achieve it. Everyone has a place and a role to play, including those poor, vulnerable children and families across the world.