• Kick Out Malaria - Game 1

  • Kick Out Malaria is part of the MOSBUGROACHES apps and games suite (a project by LEADALEAP Enterprises) being developed to help children adopt a healthy lifestyle for their well-being and embrace positive attitudes towards tackling environmental pollution for the common good.

  • This release is for testing purposes. See the links below for available OS/platform versions

  • HTML5

    Browser-based Version

  • NOTE: You may need to zoom out your browser tab to 50% to have a better view.

  • Windows 10 Versions

    32/64-Bit Windows NSIS Installer & Click-and-Play Packages

  • NOTE: The installer/click-and-play file is in .zip format to be extracted.

  • Android TV Version

    To install this app version, visit the link on an Android TV device

  • NOTE: This release is for Android TV only. A wireless/Bluetooth-enabled keyboard is required to play this game.

  • Game instructions:

    Use the Arrow/Navigation keys to move the player around the scene and the Spacebar key to pick/drop items in the scene and to disengage the NPCs (non-player characters. i.e. the three smaller trash cans) after dropping the right item in each NPC.

  • Kick Out Malaria - Game Demo Video

  • Coming Soon to: