• Scientist Adejare

    Welcome! My name’s Adejare. I’m a little scientist. I like spending time in the field to watch insects and flowers, and I also do lots of sums to help me arrive at my findings!

    My Favourites:

    Invention: DOMOA (robot)

    A short name for ‘Daniel Olukoya Micro Object Analyser’, DOMOA gives voice to little creatures to help people get to know them better.

    Colour: violet

    Artist Sade

    Hello! My name’s Sade. I’m a little artist. I can draw and paint anything - giving the world its true, beautiful colours!

    My Favourites:

    Tools: paintbrush and colours, of course!

    They help me bring my thinking to life and present my ideas to my friends and the whole world.

    Colour: purple


    Sportsperson Kanu

    Hi, I’m Kanu and I’m a sportsperson. I want to engage my friends in the best sports and be the best sportsman myself.

    My Favourites:

    Sport: soccer - that’s my forte.

    Colour: sky blue.

    Food: noodles with plenty of fruit - it helps me keep fit for my sport and makes me best at it.

    Doctor Chinyelu

    Hello! My name’s Chinyelu. I’m a little doctor. I like talking about preventing diseases to help people stay healthy, safe and sound.

    My Favourites:

    Tools: stethoscope and first aid box - well, I keep model ones, but the real tools are used in an emergency.

    Colour: red – as in Red Cross

    Barrister Mohammed

    Sannu, yaya kake? Hello, how are you? I’m Mohammed. I’m a little lawyer and counsellor. Helping people to settle fights and get along is the job I love to do.

    My Favourites:

    Kits: wig and gown - they make me look special for my job.

    Colour: brown

    Food: dankali da tumatur (potato and tomato)

    Police Office Ivy

    Ndewo! Hello, pleased to meet you. My name’s Ivy and I’m a little police officer. I like fighting crime to help people live in peace.

    My Favourites:

    Pet: Toki – my pup -it will grow up someday and help me track down bad people – I just can’t wait!

    Colour: navy blue

    Food: akpu and ogbono (cassava paste and draw soup)

    Astronaut Mandla

    Sawubona! Hello! I’m Mandla and I’m a little astronaut. I want to travel into space to bring the faraway outer space and its wonders close to people.

    My Favourites:

    Kit: spacesuit - it’s specially made to make me feel comfy for my spacewalk.

    Colour: moon green

    Gardener Amba

    Meeng-gah-bou! Hello, pleased to meet you! I’m Amba and I’m a little gardener. I like to keep a good garden and I'm also helping people to learn to do gardening for future.

    My Favourites:

    Tools: watering can and spatula

    Colour: sand

    Engineer Elon

    Howdy, I’m Elon! I’m a little auto engineer. I'm building smart cars to give people travel comfort.

    My Favourites:

    Motor: supercar - it’s fancy and go, go, go!

    Colour: yellow

    Food: bobotie kwaye chakalaka (meatloaf with baked egg and vegetable)

    Diver Suezett

    Greetings! I’m Suezett and I’m a little diver. I like diving underwater to help people learn more about animals living in deep water!

    My Favourites:

    Kits: snorkel and a pair of flippers - they help me stay long under water and move freely around.

    Colour: sea green

    Food: calamari (fried squid with sauce)


    Builder Raji

    Enle nbe o! Hi, there! My name’s Raji and I’m a little builder. I’m building a mega world for everyone – including pets and flowers!

    My Favourites:

    Tool: pencil – I use it a lot to draw charts and plans for new buildings!

    Colour: orange

    Food: akara ati akamu (beans fritter and gruel)

    Homemaker Kehinde

    Hello, nice to meet you! My name’s Kehinde. I’m a little homemaker. I like cooking to give people the best home treat.

    My Favourites:

    Kits: apron and toque - they make me look smart and fitting for my job

    Colour: gold

    Food: coconut bread and fruit juice

    Farmer Aliko

    Hi, how do you do? I’m Aliko and I’m a little farmer. I like farming to meet people’s daily food needs and to feed the future.

    My Favourites

    Animal: donkey – my dad keeps one in the barn and it helps a lot to move produce across the farmyard

    Colour: green

    Teacher Ruqayyat

    Hello! My name’s Ruqayyat. I’m a little teacher. I like using good teaching materials to make learning to read and write fun!

    My Favourites:

    Tools: pointer and picture book

    Colour: turquoise

    Zookeeper Kevin

    Hi, I’m Kevin! I’m a little zookeeper. I like spending my day on Safari to help people learn more about some wild animals!

    My Favourites:

    Animal: cheetah – it’s the fastest land animal!

    Colour: khaki

    Food: isidudu futhi gatsby (pumpkin pap and sausage) – it makes my day and keeps me on the go!

    People Person Jemima

    Hola! Pleased to meet you. My name’s Jemima and I’m a people person. I like being with people, standing in for people and making their voice heard.

    My Favourites:

    Colour: lemon

    Food: Crème brûlée and lemonade

    Writer Wole

    Hello! My name’s Oluwole, but my friends call me Wole. I’m a little writer and storyteller. I like to tell good stories and also to help my friends be good writers.

    My Favourites:

    Tools: pen and diary – I use them to write down memories and to make good stories.

    Colour: grey

    Food: lafun ati obeeyo (cassava flour paste and succulent vegetable soup) – my grandma treated me to this special dish during my first holiday in the village.